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"The best use of a physician's 

 knowledge is to teach patients

 how to heal themselves.” ~David Simon, M.D

Welcome to Magnolia Health Care, Inc.'s marketplace. Here we have a list of sites where you can purchase the supplements we recommend for you. Although we sell some of these supplements, we believe it will be much easier for our functional medicine patients to have access to the products we recommend from our trusted vendors.

Below is our list of vendors. Usually, after Dr. Quaye recommends your supplements, he will also recommend a vendor or two where you can purchase your products. You have the option to decide if you want to use a different vendor from what he recommended. 

If you have any questions, you are most welcome to send us email.

Where to purchase your supplements online



Doctor Code


Designs for Health


Scroll down to Patient Registration. Register to purchase using this doctor code



No doctor code required

Pure Encapsulations


No doctor code required

Thorne Research

Coming soon



Klaire Labs, ProThera



Standard Process


 Use this doctor code to register

Ortho Molecular

Coming soon



Vital Nutrients

Coming soon



Nordic Naturals

Coming soon




Coming soon