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"The best use of a physician's 

 knowledge is to teach patients

 how to heal themselves.” ~David Simon, M.D

"Food As Medicine" Seminar Series


There is ample evidence that a diet rich in a variety of nutrients and minerals is helpful for health maintenance, a healthy vitality, and slowing the aging process. At Magnolia Health Care, Inc., it is part of our mission to bring you state of the art research information to help you optimize your health through nutrition and lifestyle modification. To achieve this, we provide seminars, and the Wellness Marketplace, a retail outlet within our practice, where you can purchase quality vitamins and supplements, backed by professionals with knowledge and experience in the use of vitamins and supplements.

We offer access to medical assessments and treatments not available through conventional medicine.


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Learn about the power of food to:

Unleash the body's healing potential
Enhance vitality
Help achieve healthy weight loss
Promote healthy aging
Protect your DNA, and reduce the risk of cancer
Reduce inflammation and pain
Reverse the symptoms of premature aging

Next seminar: Join us for a series of seminars on how your food and lifestyle can influence your weight, the aging process, and your overall health. Find out if your chronic unexplained symptoms may be due to modifiable lifestyle factors, and how to fix them.

Speaker: Dr. Emmanuel Quaye
Location: 619 S. Dargan Street. Florence, SC.

Time: 10 am on Saturday, 5:30 pm on weekdays

 Date: October 13, 2018.
Topic: Live to 100: Understanding aging, and why some people live to be 100, while others do not.

Comment: Registration opens September 13, 2018. Space limited. Priority given to patients and practice members.

Date: October 16, 2018

Topic: Introduction to Yoga

Comment: Speaker TBA. Registration starts 30 days to seminar

Date: October 24, 2018

Topic: Weight Management: 101 Reasons Why You Cannot Lose Weight

Comment: Registration opens September 25, 2018. Space limited. Priority to patients and practice members.

Date: November 3, 2018

Topic: Live to 100: Age Management Treatments That Work

Comment: Closed registration. Open to attendees at first "Age Management" session.

Date: November 14, 2018

Topic: Weight Management Treatments and Strategies That Work for "Permanent" Weight Loss.

Comment: Closed registration. Open to attendees at first "Weight Management" seminar

Learning objective: Learn about the power of food and nutrition to help you manage weight, and age gracefully in good health.


This seminar may benefit you if you have issues with weight, any chronic disease that is threatening your plans to live a long and healthy life.

PS: Please wait till registration opens to send your request for a seat.