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"The best use of a physician's 

 knowledge is to teach patients

 how to heal themselves.” ~David Simon, M.D


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Membership Agreement
About Membership

Magnolia Health Care has a membership option for patients who are looking for more.…

The membership option is available to patients of the practice who wish to reduce their disease burden, reduce the number of times they have to see a doctor or go to the hospital (inpatient, emergency department) or be admitted. The program is designed to reduce the number of drugs one has to take while improving their health and overall wellbeing. This happens through the use of lifestyle changes, nutrition and exercise, stress reduction, and the use of supplements.

Who benefits?

Success depends on a patient’s willingness to partner with the practice by following our recommendations, monitoring themselves and giving feedback, interacting with the practice, and making changes along the way. Partnering with the practice in the decision making process is key to success. Some patients come to us because they are taking supplements, or they are interested in alternate forms of therapy, but cannot get help from their "regular" doctor. Our membership option provides the solution to their problems.

Methods and conditions covered

Members have available to them everything non-member patients have. That means we make symptom based diagnoses, and prescribe medications. Beyond that, membership provides more of a preventive medicine focus. We address chronic conditions, which are often overlooked as illnesses, but which have significant impact on health, such as lack of sleep, stress and constipation. We address physiologic processes such as digestion, detoxification, inflammation to predict, diagnose, treat, prevent and reverse more serious and disabling conditions. We use cutting else science based treatments such as stem cells and apply our knowledge of the latest developments in circadian science (2017 Nobel Prize).

Our approach, which goes beyond the prescription pad, has yielded results with many chronic diseases. Age management (anti-aging), weight management, environmental toxicity management programs help member patients feel better and get better.  

Membership starts by signing an agreement and making payments as indicated.

Membership benefits include

•24 hour phone and email access
•Anti-aging program
•Body maintenance program
•Diets, food plans and shopping lists
•Same or next day appointments
•Weight management
•See our membership agreement for more benefits
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